Phone Explosion Marketing FAQ

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What is the Phone Explosion Marketing package? – This package is designed to get your phone ringing IMMEDIATELY. We do this through Google advertising and get you seen on the first page of Google Search results. If someone is looking for an electrician in your area, we can have your right there for everyone to see.

How long until I see results? – You can see results within hours after we do the set up. If business is slow and you don’t have time to wait, this is easily the best option out there to get the phone ringing. In under a month, one of our clients was so overwhelmed with so many calls that he had us shut it down until he could hire some more guys. It works that quick.

Why is it called Phone Explosion Marketing? – We get your phone ringing fast and often! Your call volume will explode.

Why is it so effective? – Advertising through Google is incredibly effective because you only pay when someone clicks on your business. The advertisements are only targeted to people who are looking for and need your service already. Ads are targeted to only the geographic area that you want to do business. You are essentially paying for people that are in need electrical services, in your area, that click to go to your website. Chances are you will convert most of those into customers. It is that simple.