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My name is Tobias Sommer from Omaha, NE. I started my own electrical company called Advanced Electrical Services in 2003. I was a great electrician but why was I losing money in my electrical contracting business? I realized that being a great electrician was not enough to make my business have revenue or profits. I learned that attracting customers and prospects to buy my services was the way to be successful in my business.

HOW? Well I was not an advertising genius, but I had been talking to enough of so-called experts that were suppose to be. After spending my precious marketing dollars with the experts- line after line, promise after promise, I never got the return on my investment I needed. So after being broke and tired of getting taken advantage of; I decided to learn internet marketing for myself. After years of research, I learned that I had found a secret that no marketing company was using.

I call it Total Domination Marketing. With this unique method, I managed to optimize my internet marketing and triple my business in one year. I am offering this unique method to other electrical contractors so they do not have to go through what I went through. I offer this to only one company in each local area because it is such an unfair advantage to dominating their marketplace.


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