Flat Rate Pricing

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Complete version that includes

– 250 Task prices and assemblies on PDF download

-Full tutorial guide that includes videos of frequently asked questions


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Product Description

Flat rate pricing has been a huge contributor to my success in this business. It is a win win for both you and your customers. It saves you time and money, and you and the customer both know exactly how much the job is going to cost before you start. This allows you to know exactly how much money you will make on the job. Our full version of the flat rate book will cover just about any job you can think of. You will find it incredibly simple to find the job, figure out the correct price, and you will be making more money.

This is our full pricing book containing 250 items.

Flat rate pricing can multiply profits, while making your company run smoothly and efficiently. This will greatly benefit everyone involved and help you to make more money



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