Scheduling and Dispatching

Scheduling and Dispatching – On Time and Organized.

Next to switching to flat rate pricing, scheduling and dispatching is the best time multiplier that I can recommend. It allows you to work from anywhere and keep your customers and schedule on track. The biggest complaint that my customers have told me is that they have called lots of electricians and none of them show up or call back.


Knowing exactly where all of your employees are and exactly what they are doing at any moment helps your business to run more effectively in many ways. You are always in the loop and if a customer calls wondering when someone is going to arrive, you can see that they are on their way and can give the customer an answer. At the same time, this holds your employees accountable to get to jobs on time.


All of your information is at your fingertips at all times and you are always in the know. Organization is key to running a successful company ad scheduling and dispatching has helped my company in so many ways. I would highly recommend investing in this scheduling and dispatching software if you are looking to grow as a business. One of the hardest parts of growing is keeping everything organized.


To find out more please contact us. We can help you get setup and organized.