Scheduling and Dispatching FAQ

Frequently asked questions about scheduling and dispatching.

Why would I need scheduling and dispatching software? – Scheduling and dispatching software becomes important when your business is growing and you are starting to get more jobs and are hiring more electricians. Once your shop grows to a certain size, you will find it hard to keep everything organized. If you plan on being an organized, efficient, and customer friendly shop, this software will become necessary as your shop expands.

When should I get scheduling and dispatching software? – If you are having trouble finding enough work, scheduling software should be the least of your worries. If this is a problem, our Phone Explosion Marketing package is more up your alley. But if your business is growing and is more than a couple man shop, it will become increasingly important to invest in scheduling and dispatching software. Keeping all your guys going to the right places at the right time and being control at all times is crucial for your business to run efficiently and to satisfy customers.

I need the software, What should I do now? Call me at (402) 819-5722. I would love to talk to you setting up your software.