Private Success List FAQ

Frequently asked questions about our Private Success List

What is the Private Success List? The Private Success List is a list of nearly 100 online directories. This is my collection of the most important places to list your business to help gain your online reputation. This product is a do it yourself marketing tool that is cheap and incredibly effective.

How does it work? A major part of online reputation is NAP. The more places your business NAME, ADDRESS, and PHONE are, the more recognized your business is by search engines. These are called citations and the private success list makes sure you get sufficient citations. Not only will this help your business rank higher with search engines, but it also puts your name out there in more places for potential customers to find you.

How much time does it take? This is a time commitment. It will take a few days of off and on work to get through this list. We offer to do the submissions for you. We call this service the forced directory submission upgrade. You have the option to either do it yourself or to have us do it for you. The choice is yours.

How long will it take to see results? This kind of online marketing takes a while to take full effect. You will see some results will likely take about 60 days after you have completed your submissions. While results are not instant, this list is designed to build your online reputation for the long term. It isn’t just a quick fix.