Flat Rate Pricing

Proven, Tested Flat Rate Pricing 

The Time is Now!


Stop searching for that perfect flat rate pricing system, you have found it! Throughout the years, I have formed this simple to use system to help my electrical business make more money on every call. It was molded through my personal experiences and has helped me make more money for the last 5 years. Flat rate is hands down one of the best decisions an electrical contractor can make for their business. Not all flat rate systems are created equal and this is what separates mine from the rest.

  • Incredibly Affordable – Flat rates systems can cost you thousands of dollars with recurring payments. This system is a one time payment of $59
  • Easy To Use – You could go out and use this flat rate system today, it is that simple. Plus your technicians can easily learn it so that they can bid jobs on their own.
  • Flexible – There isn’t simply one price for every job. Depending on all the variables, you can choose the price difficulty level built into this system.
  • Profit – I designed this flat rate system to help me make more money. It was designed by an electrician to make electricians more money.


Full Version

  • Digital Copy
  • Simple 250 Tasks
  • Easy Training
  • Make More Money!


Time is Money!


The best decision I ever made for my business to multiply my profits and time was using flat rate pricing. I have been using tho system for over 5 years. I now have trained my technicians to price the jobs before we start the project. It saves time and money for everyone!  I don’t have to worry if we are going to make money on every project and if I need to look at the project at all. The customer benefits from only scheduling once and having the knowledge ahead of time of what they are paying for the project. The contractor benefits by knowing that his company will be making money on the projects and not having to waste time looking at a bid that you did not have to look at.

This is the Biggest Misconception  in  our Industry.

If my employees know how to bid jobs; they will start their own company. This is the furthest thing from the truth that could be possible.  If they want to start their own company then they will and you will never stop them. Most employees are looking for the security of a consistent paycheck and do not want to be an entrepreneur. They will embrace this system and love the freedom and responsibility they will have.


Myth Busted!


The other myth in the industry is if you use flat rate that you will lose money on some jobs because the task was harder that originally thought and the technician took to long. Well it is partially true but the fact of the matter is that if you could make the money you want 95% of the time could you live with a 5% break even or maybe lose money. Not only would you do it but you probably are all ready doing it. You are in business so you know sometimes things do happen and can lose money, but don’t let that 5% sway your decision on the other 95%. This system is based on averages just like every industry is and at the end of the day the averages need to work in your favor to make money. Casino’s don’t think of it as gambling because the house wins most of the time. That is the same as Flat Rate Pricing, the house wins most of the time. 


Everything You Need!

The flat rate pricing book has everything you need to start making more money, more consistantly. This is a simple system that will take your business to new levels. If you are looking to make running your business more simple, more efficient, and gaining higher profits this system is for you.

Mobile Apps!

Mobile Apps for Android and iPhone are available. All the power of our pricing system can be in your pocket everywhere you go.

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