Flat Rate pricing and why should you care?

So I was talking to few contractors and they told me that their competition was charging Time and Material prices of 45 to 65 and hour for labor.

I responded with not for long at that price. We talked about flat rate pricing and the myths of contractors were going to lose money if an employee did not get the job done on time. The fact is flat rate pricing is all around us. Hamburgers at McDonald’s are based on a flat rate. You dont pay more for a hamburger that was cooked longer by a higher paid employee or manager.

Electricians have just never gotten their hands around flat rate because it is usually made by a software company that based its rates off a plumbing/HVAC system that does not work in the electrical industry. I have used a few different books and decided that I needed to make a simple one for myself.

The version I have is condensed to a small amount of tasks but give you a variety of ways to bill it. Standard rate, discounted for members, and overtime rates. It also makes a standard pricing for the industry.

HOW INTERESTED ARE YOU IN A STANDARD PRICING? A benchmark to start at, and whether you are a little higher or lower it sets a standard for the industry. I plan on trying to make this available to most contractors at an affordable price so we can all raise our industry up a little. Tell me if you are interested.

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