Flat Rate FAQ

Frequently asked questions about our Flat Rate Pricing Book

How did you form this pricing system? – Over 10 years of running my own business I have found what works best for both me and the customer. I have tweaked and adjusted over the years to make this system flexible yet incredibly easy to use.

How do you use it? – Along with the flat rate book, you will receive video instructions that explain how to use this flat rate pricing book. Once you watch the videos, you will be amazed at how fast and easy it is to price jobs with the book. All the material to get you started is there, but you have to get out there and put it to use.

Why do customers like flat rate? – Your customers will greatly appreciate you using a flat rate system because they know exactly what they are getting for what price before you do any work. This gives them a feeling of comfort and trust in the price and work that you are doing.

Why should I buy this flat rate system? – This system is designed to work fast, is incredibly simple to use, and is incredibly affordable. You can have you and your guys out using this book in no time, making more money on almost every call, and it is only $200. This is a great deal for something that will help your business dramatically.