Business Plan Calculator

I have a new excel sheet that I made to try and help everyone with understanding how to grow their call volume and profits. This is a simple sheet that uses some key numbers you should know like: average invoice, calls ran, calls sold, days in month, monthly advertising spending cost and yearly goal for company in service.


These can help you understand how to bridge the gap and see where you are and where you want to be. Sometimes it makes it easier to see if you look at all the numbers in one place. Should raise your prices? Spend more in advertising? Add another truck? Need more calls or should you convert more to sales? No matter what it will be the easiest 10 minutes you spent on how to plan your future.


I am giving this sheet away to help you guys plan your electrical business so you don’t make unreasonable goals or expectations. We can get caught up with looking at what we want to make and not how to get there. This will break it down to see if your daily goals can match your yearly goals. I hope this helps some of you figure out what your goals should be.


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